Safaricom, the biggest player in the Telco business in Kenya finally came up with a solution on how to protect customers from becoming victims of the SIM Swap fraud by doing a SIM Swap Self-Whitelisting.

What’s SIM Swap Fraud 

Let’s start with what SIM Swap means. It simply means transferring an existing SIM card to a new SIM card while maintaining the same number in the same network. 

raudsters do a SIM Swap and take over the control of that number. This way they can do transactions on behalf of the SIM card owner. 

SIM Swap Self-Whitelisting via USSD Code

In order to protect customers from the unauthorized SIM Swap, Safaricom has a way of controlling the process.
A subscriber can simply dial *100*100# to lock any SIM Swap from taking place behind their backs.

In an event the rightful owner of the locked SIM card want to do a SIM Swap, he or she must contact Safaricom customer care desk or visiting a nearby retail outlet. 

This service is available to both pre-paid and post-paid Safaricom customers in the country.

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