Immediately you realize that you have lost your ID it is important you get a police abstract. This is much important and crucial especially if you were robbed or it got lost in open air. This is important as someone else might get in possession of your lost National ID and use it to commit criminal activities.

Reporting to the police and getting a police abstract will exonerate from any wrong doing should the ID be used by criminals. The police abstract can be issued from the nearest police station or any Huduma Centre in the country.

How To Apply for a Lost ID Replacement

To apply for a replacement after losing your ID, you should visit the registrar of persons office in your area or the nearest Huduma Centre. Of all these places, the most recommended place to go is the nearest Huduma Centre.

Huduma Centre will be the ideal place to get assisted as all in one service will be offered. At the Huduma Centre, you will be issued with a police abstract at the police desk, the police abstract helps the officers understand the events that led to you losing your ID card, you will then be issued with a form at the Registration of persons desk to fill. Fill the form appropriately giving the correct ID number of your lost ID. Your photo passport will be taken and finally your fingerprints will be recorded. Upon successful application, you will be issued with ID waiting card as your ID is being processed.

Charges For ID Replacement

Currently the cost of replacing ID Card is Ksh.100 payable at the Huduma centre

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In Summary, follow these steps

  • Go to the nearest Huduma Centre Registration of persons Desk
  • You will be directed to take a police abstract at their desk and make a payment of Ksh. 100
  • With your abstract in your procession, present it to registration of persons desk
  • Fill the ID replacement form appropriately
  • Your ID passport photo will be taken
  • The officers in charge will then record your fingerprints
  • You will then be issued with an ID waiting card