Telkom my data manager is to help you avoid accidentally using up airtime to browse when your data bundles are finished.

How to activate my data manager

To activate my data manager on your Telkom line, follow these steps.

  1. Dial *544#
  2. Select 6: my data manager
  3. Choose option 2: activate
  4. You’ll get a confirmation that you’ve activated ‘my data manager’

Example how your Telkom data bundle can get finished/exhausted quickly

For example, if you are watching a YouTube video and your data bundles run out, having Telkom data manager activated will lead to your video stopping playing. Until you buy another Telkom internet bundles.

If you haven’t activated the data manager, then your credit will be used to continue watching the video. This will get your airtime balance to zero. Avoid this by activating my data manager on your line.

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