Here is the process for replacing a lost/damaged number plate.

  1. Report the loss/damage to a police station and obtain a police abstract
  2. Visit the nearest DCI office and request a tape-lifting report. Tape lifting is the process that the DCI uses to verify your vehicle’s chassis and engine numbers to confirm that the details match with your registration documents. They then write a report of their findings
  3. Head over to NTSA portal and sign in
  4. Select ‘Apply for Reflective Number plate’
  5. Select the car in question and under operation, click on ‘Apply’
  6. Select either lost or defaced
  7. Choose the type of plate you are applying for, either square or oblong
  8. Fill out all the spaces, specifying if you are replacing the front or back number plate, or both
  9. Next, upload the DCI tape lifting report, as well as a copy of your logbook
  10. Indicate the station which you wish to pick the number plate from
  11. The next step is to make the payment, which can be done via M-Pesa. Replacing one number plate will cost you Ksh 1,150 and Ksh 2,050 for both
  12. Submit your application and wait for notification from NTSA when your number plate is ready
  • NTSA advises that you print out your number plate and fix it on your screen (not on your number plate holders)
  • Most importantly, carry this documentation (preferably copies) with you at all times, in case you get stopped by the police on the road. You will easily be able to prove that you are in the process of getting new license plates
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