Below are Gotv Packages and Prices in Kenya

Gotv Kenya has 6 packages as follows:

  • Gotv Lite Monthly
  • Gotv Value
  • Gotv Lite Quarterly
  • Gotv Plus
  • Gotv Lite (Annual)
  • Gotv Max

In a real sense, this number can be compressed to just three type of packages: Gotv Lite, Gotv Plus, and Gotv Max.

With Gotv Lite, one is sure to get access to 17 channels paying KES 260 per month. The GOtv value gives you access to 23 channels and you need to pay a monthly fee of KES 499.

The Gotv Plus, you are able to access 40 channels at KES 749 each monthly. The Gotv Max has access to 49 channels and you pay KES 1,299 per month.

Gotv Lite Quarterly and Gotv Lite Annual payment are KES 590 and KES 1500 respectively.

PackageNumber of ChannelsPrice (KES)
Gotv Max42 Channels1,299
Gotv Lite (Annual)16 Channels1,500
Gotv Plus38 Channels749
Gotv Value23 Channels499
Gotv Lite Monthly16 Channels260
Gotv Lite Quarterly16 Channels590

When you buy Gotv, you will enjoy the free one-month Gotv Plus subscription. This is referred to as the starter kit.

As a new subscriber on this starter kit, you get to enjoy 43 local and international channels. Once this is done i.e. the month is over, you can now choose what package suits you.

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