Sambaza is a service by Safaricom that enables the telecommunications customers to transfer both airtime and data bundles from one mobile number to another.

There are various ways one can use to sambaza airtime using a Safaricom line.

Use of USSD

  • On your phone, dial *140*
  • Follow with the amount you wish to sambaza. For instance; *140*100*
  • Follow with the number you wish to send the credit with and end with #. For instance; *140*100*072xxxxxx8#
  • Press OK or the CALL button

Both you, the sender and the receiver of the airtime will get a notification, by way of an SMS that the transaction was complete.

With USSD, you can send as little as 5 shillings and as much as 10,000 shillings.

By use of SMS

Did you know that you can sambaza airtime by use of an SMS?

  • Start a new SMS
  • Enter the amount you wish to sambaza in the new SMS section, followed by # and the number you wish to send the airtime to. For instance; 40#072xxxxxx8
  • Send the message to 140
  • Wait for the confirmation message.

Both you, the sender and the receiver, will receive an SMS confirmation of the completion of the transaction.

By use of M-Pesa

  • Go to the M-Pesa Menu
  • Click on Buy Airtime
  • Select buy for another phone
  • Enter the phone number you wish to buy airtime for
  • Enter the amount you wish to sambaza
  • Enter your PIN
  • Confirm if the amount and number are okay
  • Press OK or CALL button

You will receive a message from M-Pesa that the transaction was complete.

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By use of MySafaricom App

MySafaricom App has made most services being offered by Safaricom affordable and accessible.

Some of the services on MySafaricom App include checking of M-Pesa balance, sending money, checking transactional costs and to sambaza airtime to another user.

To sambaza airtime:

  • Go to top up menu
  • On the choices that appear, choose another member
  • Choose the member
  • Enter the 16 digits from the Safaricom scratch card and press OK