Here is how to get your PUK Number Safaricom;

Steps get your Safaricom PUK Number

  1. Dial *100# on your friends Safaricom line or the borrowed phone
  2. The codeHow to get your PUK Number Safaricom takes you to Safaricom self-care, Scroll to Number 8 which indicated get PUK Number
  3. Select Get PUK Number
  4. Enter the mobile number of the line you want to get PUK.
  5. You will be prompted to Enter Id or pin number, enter your ID number or Pin Number
  6. Provide the last direct top-up amount you made on your line.

Safaricom PUK Number will be sent to the phone you are using to request.  Once you receive the PUK Number, use it to change your pin and unblock your Safaricom line 

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