Sometimes it is usually a challenge to transfer data bundles from one mobile number to another. Safaricom has made it possible for people to easily transfer data from their lines to other numbers without dropping a sweat.

“Sambaza Internet is a service that allows customers to transfer internet data bundles from one mobile number to another,” says Safaricom in a statement.

There are three methods that one can use to Sambaza Internet to other numbers.

By dialing *544#

Dial *544#

Select Internet Sambaza

Enter the amount of internet data bundles to Sambaza

Enter the mobile number you want to sambaza

By sending an SMS

Send an SMS with the amount of internet data bundles in MBs *Mobile number to 450

For example to Sambaza 30MB write an SMS in the format 30*0722000000 and send this to 450

Online via

The Sambaza Internet is not so popular among Kenyans given the amount of bundles that one is allowed to Sambaza at once. For instance, the lowest amount of data bundles that one can Sambaza is 5MB while the highest that one can Sambaza at once is 10MB. At the same time, the maximum that one can Sambaza in a day is 20MB.

Kenyans would, therefore, rather Sambaza airtime for the recipient to buy bundles than sending them the same in the form of bundles. In addition, daily data bundles, as well as free bundles cannot be transferred.

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