Credit Hela is a mobile money lender that provides quick loans via Mpesa to smartphone owners in Kenya via an app.

There is no paperwork or collateral needed. All you need is an android smartphone or tablet and a Safaricom line.

How to Contact Credit Hela Customer care 

Ir can happen that a customer or even someone who plans to be a customer may need to contact Credit Hela.

There are several reasons that can force someone to reach out to the lender.

One can call to confirm why loans are not disbursed, or why account is not responsive or ask how to repay a loan, or how to get a batch number or even how to cancel a loan request.

There are various ways to Contact Credit Hela Customer care desk for help as listed below;

Visit; Alpha Centre, Block 3, Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

  • Credit Hela mobile phone number / WhatsApp; 0110 895800
  • Credit Hela Landline; 0207650111
  • Email to ;
  • Facebook; CrediHela.KE
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