To begin betting, one needs to get an account by registering, which can also be done offline, through sending the word “ODI” to 29680 and “GAMES” to get the games to bet on.

To bet a single bet, it is very easy as you will only need to text the game ID, pick an amount to stake, divided with the rail symbol, otherwise known as hush.

Here is an example; 40001#1#200 in the instance that the match is between Manchester United and Arsenal and the odds are (1=2.99 X=3.52 2=2.99) and one has picked United.

In the case of a multi bet, you will only need to increase the number of game Ids and picks and place the stake at the end, for example; Game ID#Pick# Game ID#Pick# Amount.

In cases of double chance bets, the codes to note are 12, 1x and x2, with the format being; Game ID#Pick#Amount.

According to the company official site, they have also included an option where gamers can stake for both teams to score under the tag Goal Goal (GG) and No Goal (NG) where the format is Game ID#Pick# Amount and then sent to 29680.

Odds can be found in daily newspapers.

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