Kenya Revenue Authority has started sending messages to Kenyans, especially those employed, to file the 2020 tax returns.

Many employers, who deduct and remit PAYE to KRA, do not care about printing the P9 form to employees.

This has, in many cases, see Kenyans miss out on return deadlines and end up being fined by the tax man for mailing to file their return.

To file returns without the P9 form here are some of the steps employees should follow, even without P9 forms, and file their tax returns on time.

  • To file, login into your ITax account using your PIN and password (the one you created after first sign in). If you forgot your password, request for a new one which will be send via email.
  • Once you have logged on to your account, navigate to the Return Tab –located at the top menu –and click on it. A drop-down list will pop up.
  • Click on the ITR for employment tab, found on the drop-down list from the Return Tab. An e-return page will open, prompting you to enter the return period you are applying.
  • After entering the return period, select yes –to confirm that you are employed. An online form will appear, containing details of your PAYE, figures and tax payable, –use them to fill in the required fields as directed.
  • Once you are through with filling in the details, confirm and submit your application. A message from KRA will appear, showing your return process success and a certificate reference number.

You can download it or use the one send to your email for future references.

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