10 Things You Don’t Know About Babu Owino: Paul Ongili commonly known as Babu Owino is the longest serving student’s leader in the history of Kenya University student’s politics.

He is a controversial and a no nonsense leader. His political critics refer to him as a brutal and authoritative leader who uses his political goons to silence his opponents. They regard him as a man who is concerned about the end but not the means. On his side, Babu believes he is a man on his path to destiny. His destiny is to change his society by use of politics as the tool.

10 Things You Don't Know About Babu Owino

Here are some important facts about Babu.

10. He was born and raised in Kondele slums in Kisumu. His mother was a fishmonger, selling fish to sustain the family. He has risen from a humble background.

8. He turned down the Joint Admission Board offer to join Moi University. He then ventured into agribusiness. From the business, he made some money that enabled him join The University of Nairobi to study actuarial science.

7. His financial sponsor was the late Libyan President Moumarr Gaddafi. During an interview with Citizen TV, he claimed being financially orphaned after the death of Gaddafi.

6. He will vie for Embakasi East parliamentary seat in 2017. He shall only rop his ambition for SONU chairmanship in case there is an able leader. He considers being an MP and SONU chairman in case of no potential able SONU

5. He owns expensive car models. Range Rover Sports, Hyundai Tuscany Sports car and BMW are some of the cars he drives.

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4. He is currently pursuing his second degree in Law, after attaining first class in Actuarial Science.

3. He wrote a letter to the US embassy threatening that the University of Nairobi students would strip naked and commit suicide in case President Obama fails to visit their college. This was during the POTUS visit to Kenya.

2. He vied for Westlands parliamentary seat in 2013 but lost to Hon Timothy Wanyonyi.

1. His fourth re-election as SONU chairman in 2016, spurred protests among students who claimed that he was rigged in. Claims that Owino refuted.