Are you struggling to find the POA Internet paybill number for payment via POA Internet M-Pesa? Relax and keep reading this article. In today’s Mpesa guide, we will help you find the POA Internet pay bill number to make the payment on your phone.

If you have registered for the POA Internet Mpesa account, then you will definitely make transactions, including paying for POA Internet using the business number.

If you want to pay POA Internet via paybill number, follow the basic steps below:

2. Tap on “Lipa Na Mpesa”.

3. After that, select Paybill.

4. Enter 311554 as the POA Internet paybill number.

6. Enter your POA Internet Mpesa PIN and confirm the POA Internet payment.

When everything is done, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that your POA Internet payment is successful.

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