When I bought tokens worth Sh. 1200 at the beginning of the month, I got 53 units. I was very unhappy about this sort of robbery without violence, then two of my acquaintances, Usha Ogone and Jackie Peter, told me that if I had bought in bits, I’d have gotten more. They had learnt this hack right here from another member.

By buying tokens worth Sh500 at Sh50 ten times, Usha had gotten 48.6 units. Jackie had gotten 81.7 units by buying tokens worth Sh800 at Sh100 eight times, after first buying tokens worth Sh200 to sort out the standing charges.

I decided to try that the next time I needed to buy tokens, which came around today when we had only 0.48 tokens left. From my calculations, we needed tokens worth Sh600 to get us to the end of the month. Buying Sh50 twelve times felt like too much exercise for my fingers, but I decided to try it anyway.

I did Sh50 X 5 on 888880, then remembered that Kenya Power can take forever to send through the token number(s), so I switched to Vendit 501200. By this time I needed a break, so I did Sh250 and that got me 7.5 units. I then did Sh100 and got 9.9 units. My Sh600 was over, so I keyed in the 17.4 units and waited for Kenya Power to send the ones from the 50s.

When they came through, I had gotten 5 units for each Sh50, so 25 units in total. So for Sh600 I got 42.4 units. If I had done Sh50 X 12, I’d probably have gotten 60 units. Will try this next time.

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If you missed this hack when it was shared, you can try it next time you buy tokens and see if it works, and share with someone else. Caring is sharing (Thanks Usha and Jackie).

What about transaction cost: Transaction cost was only on the Sh250 (that’s Sh22). For Sh100 and Sh50 was free (Transaction cost = Sh0), so buying them in 50s actually saves you from paying the transaction cost.