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How to Join SKIZA as an Artist

Skiza Tunes
Skiza Tunes

Skiza in one of the best ways to make money if you are an artist or content creator. Skiza Tune is a service provided by Safaricom Telecommunication Company in Kenya. Basically before you can join and start earning from Skiza tunes, you need to register first with a content service provider company that will take up the responsibility of sourcing, formatting and uploading digital content on Skiza. This Content provider acts as middle men between Safaricom and Content creators or artists.

Skiza Tunes helps you as an artist to sell your songs or creative work through ring back platform provided by Safaricom.

How much do artist earn from SKIZA?

Artists and earn 36 percent of the revenue collected from Skiza tunes. This was a rise from the 30 percent they used to earn before the increment was effected in 2017. However artists are pushing for 50/50 share of revenue earned from Skiza tune.

How to register with SKIZA as an artist

If you are an artist or a content creator, you can monetize your music or art work by registering with Skiza. However, Safaricom Skiza does not deal with Artists directly in terms of registration. For one to register with Skiza as a content creator, get a content service provider company first to register. The content provider company acts as a middleman between the artist and Safaricom Skiza tunes. The content service provider companies are contracted by Safaricom to register artist and enter into a contract with them.

The content service provider company will then tailor and register your music or songs. Codes will then be issued for your content for subscribers to use when they subscribe to your music or art work as ring back tune.

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In Kenya the available Content provider Companies you can choose from are  many.  Artist can use these platforms to monetize their music and content and monitor their earnings.

Skiza Tune Providers in Kenya
  1. Xpedia – Gospel and Vernacular
  2. Cellulant- Zilizopendwa, Benga, Kenyan Pop and Genge
  3. M-Tech Communications- Naija and Wacky Tunes
  4. Interactive media Services- Bongo and Bollywood
  5. Bernsoft Interactive – Reggae, Classical, Kwaito, Techno, Country, Comedy and sermons
  6. Qasiida technologies – Islamic Content
  7. Bluewater Group LTD – Corporate, SME and Birthday Tunes
  8. Xspice Vas Kenya LTD – Bongo, Bollywood, Kenyan and International
  9. User Experience Technologies LTD – Spoken word
  10. Enable it Limited – Spice Spoken Word
  11. Ngomma Value Added Services – Bongo and Kenyan Tunes

This is only but a few of them, there are over 29 skiza Tune providers aproved by Safaricom on the market