Okash is a product of OneSpot Technologies Ltd with introductory loan limits of between Ksh2,500 to Ksh10,000 with future prospects of higher limits of up to Ksh50,000

Okash loans are accessible through the Okash loan app available at the Google play store or you can download here

Okash loan app is also regarded as one of the loan apps that gives loans even if one is listed at the CRB

Successful loan applicants will have their approved loans sent direct to their Mpesa accounts with the interest deducted prior to disbursement.

This means that you will receive less money than what was initially applied for.

To check Okash loan app balance, you simply need to sign in to the Okash loan app and on the very first screen, you will see the loan balance.

However, this screen only shows you the details of the 1st Okash loan installment.

If you need to view the entire Okash loan balance,

1. Tap on the menu icon located at the top left.

2. Select ‘Loan History’

3. The next screen will display your entire loan history with the most current one indicated as Active.

4. Click on Active loan to get additional details regarding installment amounts and due dates.

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