1. Single and Multiple Entry Visas; This application kit is only for single entry visas to Kenya. Multiple entry visa applicants must apply for a multi-entry visa. If you require a multiple entry visa, please logon to our website and select the multiple entry option for business or tourism.
  2. Secure Upload of Application Materials; In order to complete your e-visa application, the following documents must be securely uploaded to https://visacentral.com/upload-forms?service=eta&destination=KEN:
    • One fully completed Kenya Single Entry E-Visa Questionnaire
    • A digital color passport photograph
    • A copy of a flight itinerary and hotel accommodations You must upload each document in a separate file (please do not upload one file containing all documents). The secure upload link will allow you to upload multiple individual files at once. If you are unable to securely upload your documents, please use the shipping label provided to send us your application. Complete and detailed visa requirements can be found in this application kit.
  3. Passport; You must upload a color photocopy of the data information pages and photo of your national passport to https://visacentral.com/upload-forms?service=eta&destination=KEN. Your passport must:
    • Be valid for three months beyond the length of the requested visa. For example, your passport must be valid for 15 months if you requested a 12 month visa
    • Have at least one blank visa page (amendments and endorsement pages cannot be used to fulfill this requirement)
    • Not be frayed, torn, separating, or altered in any other wayIf your passport does not meet these requirements, please contact VisaCentral at 877-535-0688 for further details.
  4. Photographs; You must provide one digital photograph. Upload your photo and we will ensure it has the exact specifications required for this visa. Follow https://visacentral.com/upload-forms?service=eta&destination=KEN to upload your photo.
  5. Kenya Single Entry Questionnaire; You must provide one fully completed Kenya Single Entry E-Visa Questionnaire found in this kit. The application form must:
  6. Proof of Travel Arrangements; You must provide proof of travel arrangements for the duration of your trip. Details of your intended arrangements must:
  7. Hotel Confirmation; You must provide a confirmation of your hotel accommodations. Your confirmation must:
  8. Entry Requirements – Upon Arrival in Kenya; Upon arrival in Kenya, you must present the following documents to immigration officials in order to be granted entry:
    • An original Kenya e-visa authorization
    • A copy of your flight itinerary and hotel accommodations
  9. Have You Completed All Necessary Steps; Have you completed all the fields on your e-visa questionnaire?  Incomplete application requests cannot be processed and will be returned for additional information. This could delay the processing of your request. Please securely upload to https://visacentral.com/upload-forms?service=eta&destination=KEN the questionnaire as well as the following documents:
    • A color photocopy of the personal information pages of your passport
    • A digital passport photograph
    • A copy of your flight itinerary and hotel accommodationsIf you are unable to upload these documents please use the shipping label provided, include all of the documents listed above, (you will still need to securely upload your photograph), and send your complete application to the address listed at the top of application kit checklist.
  10. VisaCentral Order Form; You must provide the VisaCentral Order Form included in this kit. The completed form must be uploaded to https://visacentral.com/upload-forms?service=eta&destination=KEN.
  11. East African Tourist Visa; Tourists to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda should consider applying for an East African Tourist Visa instead of separate visas to your destinations. The East African Tourist Visa allows you multiple entries to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for up to 90 days. The fee for this visa is $100.00 USD.
  12. Visiting Friends or Relatives; If you will be visiting family or friends in Kenya and you will be staying with them, then please provide a letter from your host as proof of accommodations. The letter must:
    • Include your host’s name, address, and contact information
    • Indicate your dates of arrival and departure
    • Be signed
  13. Minors Under the Age of 16; Minors under the age of 16 do not need a visa to travel to Kenya for tourism. If they would like to obtain a visa, one can only be processed through the Embassy of Kenya in Washington DC and is subject to the normal consular fee for the issuance of a visa.
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