Safaricom home fibre is an internet subscription service that gives you the opportunity to access internet services at the comfort of your home or office. Once you subscribe to home fibre services, the installer will give you a WiFi router with LAN ports before you you start enjoying fast, unlimited, and reliable internet from Safaricom.

Safaricom home internet packages are priced according to their internet download and upload speeds.

Safaricom Home Fibre Packages and Prices 2021

Safaricom offers 4 fibre home packages; bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. All packages are valid for 30 days.

With the Bronze package, you have access to fast web browsing and relatively fast streaming of movies, TV, and music content in standard (SD) quality.

Go for higher speed packages if you want to stream HD content without buffering. Also, note that internet speed depends on the number of devices connected to the same network (WiFi). For example, 4 devices can share 5 MBPS so that each gets 125 KBPS, not enough to stream movies.

PackageSpeedCost per MonthValidity
Bronze5 MBPSKshs 2,90030 days
Silver10 MBPSKshs 3,99930 days
Gold20 MBPSKshs 5,69930 days
Diamond40 MBPSKshs 11,49930 days

How to Check Safaricom Home Fibre Coverage

To check if  the home fibre service is available in your region or estate do this:

  • Dial *400# from your Safaricom line
  • Select Get Safaricom Home Fibre
  • Select your province
  • Select your area if listed
  • Enter Estate name
  • Safaricom customer care will get in touch with you within 48 hours.
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If your area is covered, the technical team from Safaricom Home fibre will help you create an account and advice you on how to pay for the subscription. Technicians will then visit you to install the WiFi router and give you the WiFi and LAN access details. This comes with no installation charges.

How to Pay for Safaricom Home Packages

You can pay for your Safaricom Home internet subscription via Mpesa paybill number 150501. Your account number is your Safaricom home account number.

You can also dial *400# and select Manage your Subscriptions. Select your package and proceed to pay via Mpesa.