Download application form from Print and correctly fill the form and attach the required documents. A request can also be sent to Once the email is received, a representative from Safaricom will send the list of requirements based on the purpose.

Who can apply for the service?

How long does it take for the account to be set up after the application?

Once the correct certified documents are received and the vetting is done, the account is set up within 48 hrs.

How long can I run the Short Term M-PESA Pay Bill Account?

There are three options: 1 Month, 3 months and 6 months.Once you have collected the funds, you will receive a Short Term M-PESA Pay Bill Account

request made to Safaricom by the authorized person through an email to  Upon receipt of the request, the funds will be rolled up to the bank account given during application.

How do I confirm the balance in my account?

The balance will be displayed after every transaction using the Safaricom line assigned during the application process. This is also made available on the account statements upon request.

What is the main difference between M-PESA Pay Bill Account and Short Term M-PESA Pay Bill Account?

An M-PESA Pay Bill Account does not have a specific timeline in which it remains active but a Short Term M-PESA Pay Bill Account can be applied for 1, 3 or 6 months. A Short Term M-PESA Pay Bill Account only requires 48 hrs. to set up which is faster than a normal Pay Bill Account. The requirements for a Short Term M-PESA Pay Bill Account are fewer than for a normal M-PESA Pay Bill Account.

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