How to reverse money sent to wrong M-PESA paybill number

When paying bills via Lipa Na M-PESA you can make a erroneous M-Pesa transaction by send money to the wrong M-pesa paybill number or you may also need your money back for any reason.If you are in a situation that you want to reverse money sent to a wrong M-pesa paybill number you should not worry because i will show you the simplest method to reverse money paid to a wrong Lipa na M-pesa paybill numberWhat you should know is that a wrong M-PESA paybill transaction can only be reversed by the organization that received the erroneous payment not Safaricom, here is a simple method to claim your money.

Contact Safaricom customer care, the customer care agent will need the following details;

  1. M-PESA transaction id
  2. Your valid id number

Then you will wait the customer care agent to confirm if your details are valid. If they are valid you will be given the contact of the organization that owns the M-PESA paybill that received the money to request the reversal

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